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ALICE FULKS has big Texas roots, and after a decade in LA, made her way to Joshua Tree where she feels right at home. She is a certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher through IKYTA and has been teaching since 2009. Since practicing Kundalini she has experienced a shift in all aspects of her life: her own personal healing journey, in work and career, in love and relationships, in helping to heal addictions and more. Kundalini Yoga and meditation helps one to tap into the space of their heart and through this space - true abundance and authenticity emerge. Kundalini releases deep wounds, self-defeating and harmful patterns, and belief systems that keep us stuck in limitation. Alice's deepest passion is working with women and witnessing as they tap into their intuitive guidance, wisdom, and come home to the brilliance and power of their hearts. Her greatest joy is to facilitate the creation of a healing container wherein the feminine feels safe to be all of who she is, to build self-trust and confidence, to commune in sisterhood, and to shine.

CARYN DAVIDSON completed her yoga teacher training at the White Lotus Foundation in Santa Barbara, CA. The philosophy of White Lotus is to draw from the deep traditions of yoga while remaining non-dogmatic and open to the influences of the different contexts in which yoga is practiced. Everyone is drawn to yoga for different reasons, so approaching it as a personal exploration can keep one's practice fresh and engaging. Caryn teaches a slower paced evening class that encourages students to relax both body and mind while focusing on coordinating the breath and movement. She has been inspired by several past teachers, and by her daughter Claire.

GABRIELLA NAGY has been practicing yoga and mindfulness since high school. She completed her teacher training in Ojai at the Lulu Bandha’s Yoga School with Kira Ryder and adds to her knowledge by attending workshops and teacher trainings. Gabriella has been a yoga instructor for ten years working with a wide spectrum of students, from advanced to those with physical disabilities. Her unique teaching style is based on Self-Acceptance and Self Love inspired by the philosophy of Louise Hay. Gabriella’s gentle and loving personality creates a safe environment where students can become aware of the profound effect synchronizing movement with breath has on the mind and body. Her classes offer students the opportunity to integrate spirit into their lives and cultivate balance and strength. She believes peace and quietness of the mind is essential in the healing process of our ever-present inner child and when we learn how to quiet the mind we gain access to our True Self.

GEORGINA MEISTER has been practicing yoga for over ten years, a 250 RYT teacher trained at Sivananda Ashram in Grass Valley, California. Her style is classical Hatha with a Fusion of Breath Work, Asana and relaxation, taught with a playful heart and a deep passion for Yoga. Originally from Orange County, she also loves to teach Paddle Board Yoga. 

KAREN TRACY's enthusiastic private practice spans over 15 years and many styles of yoga. She studied with Max Thomas of Living Yoga of the Desert and with the Himalayan Institute in Allahabad, India. She completing the Kripalu 200 hour teacher training at Esalen in March, 2013. Known in the Joshua Tree area as both a rock climber and weight lifter for over 25 years, Karen professes that yogini is her preferred designation. She has experience guiding her students in flexibility and balance which translates literally, into living a flexible and balanced life.

LALA WEST Desert dweller, cat lover, boat rocker, and helper in this earth process... LaLa believes in the power of self, spirit, and love. She has guided people through the journey of yoga since 2001 and first started laying her hands on people for healing when she was 12, and she has been a follower of “the great whatever” for as long as she can remember. Her ultimate hope is that she starts a spark of something new in all she comes in contact with.

LAUREN THOMPSON practices the Eight Limbs of Yoga, to achieve her goal of living a meaningful, purposeful life as a kind and ethical person. As an athlete and Trail runner who also does Triathlons, yoga helps her body recover, keeps her strong and cured her of relentless back pain. Lauren received her yoga certification in Okinawa, Japan in 2010 and teaches with a sense of humor and with a joyful, playfulness.

MIKE DONALDSON earned his 1000-hour yoga teaching certificate while studying traditional eastern arts at Naropa University in Boulder Colorado. For the last seven years, Mike has been working with the premier J-Tree guide service, Cliffhanger Guides. Mike is passionate about helping his clients develop the skills and alignment required to succeed on the rock and on the mat. Mike is hoping to bring a unique synthesis of climbing movement, breath-work, and meditation to every yoga class at Instant Karma.

RAY JAYNE FLORES has embraced yoga exploration for many years. She taught on Catalina Island for four years until her move to Yucca Valley. She attended Pranayama Weekend at the White Lotus Foundation in Santa Barbara to celebrate her 50th Birthday in 2005 and returned for their teachers training program with Ganga White and Tracey Rich in March 2007. She also went to the White Lotus to continue her education for Therapeutic Yoga Training with Cheri Clampett and Arturo Peal.

Her classes have a creative and intuitive flow and she takes her inspiration from many sources. She is honored to share in the yoga adventure with all who practice here. Life goes better with Yoga!

SALILA DRUKAS feels that yoga brings her closest to the essential expression of her life and true self. Yoga can facilitate the peeling back of layers, like an onion, to reveal ones core nature. She feels the practice of developing mindfulness and the challenge of opening the body, mind and heart, can set you free.  Salila received her yoga teaching certificate from The White Lotus Foundation in Santa Barbara and also studied with Max Thomas of Living Yoga of the Desert.  She has traveled extensively in the US teaching martial arts, and spent nearly a year in silence, on Vipassana retreats, meditating and practicing yoga.

SUPINDA SIRIHEKAPHONG  Since 2010, hatha yoga has helped Supinda find balance and clarity between her internal and external environment by providing a safe space for investigation and intention setting, leading to a deeper sense of strength, stability and serenity.

After a successful 15 year career in the nonprofit sector and higher education, Supinda found her calling in supporting growing families by becoming a birth doula, which led her to complete a 200-hour yoga teacher training with Breathe for Change and Lotus Blossom Prenatal Teacher Training Program.

Supinda is dedicated to helping both novices and long-time practitioners of mindfulness practices, (re)discover their capacity to rise up, find balance and overcome daily life challenges or life changing events such as childbirth.

AMAL has always been fascinated by and collected percussion instruments. As a child you could find Amal surrounded by pots and pans on the floor of the kitchen banging away in bliss with a wooden spoon. Even then this mindful practice brought peace and healing. Amal recently participated the 5 day Global Healing Sound Summit. Inspired by sound practitioners from around the world. Through his training as an IAM meditation instructor, sound medicine and breath Amal creates a nest of nurturing utilizing ancient instruments, gongs, bells and Himalayan bowls along with the newer technology of crystal singing bowls.

JARED MARSHALL Sound has been the leading passion in Jared’s life. Naturally intuitive and empathic he studied psychology in college to learn more about the inner workings of humanity. There he found his true passion was music. It was a natural progression to combine those two disciplines into the concept and practice of healing through sound.  A skilled drum set player and audio engineer from an early age, his focus has been creating exploratory tapestries of Sound using various synthesizers and acoustic drums in an improvisational context.    Jared creates a Mystical Experience using immersive sonic vibration to elevate spirit and shapes conditions for ecstatic experience.

RAQUEL BELL has been a sonic explorer her entire life. When she moved to New York City as a young woman she entered the world of esoteric music and participated in contemporary/new music including Harry Partch operas and countless bands. Her singing and composition took her on tours all over the USA and Canada.  Raquel is also an Omega Institute trained Reiki Master and a life-long student of shamanic work. She uses a variety of techniques to construct CRE's (Consciousness Raising Environments). Bell teaches group classes and workshops as well as works with clients one-on-one from all levels and all walks of life. Bell is the founder of the Astrology Ballet which is a vehicle to explore the inner universe through movement and address infinite questions about the human experience.  Astrology Ballet classes directly address anxiety, trauma and stress in the physical body as well as in the other subtle energy bodies and seeks to invite clarity and energy in a safe and encouraging environment.

RYAN MUSSEN has written music and played in bands since 1999. He plays guitar, bass, drums and harmonium. Music and performing has been his personal meditation practice, a way of turning negative energy into positive. His songs reveal truths to himself and the listener, his way to connect with his audience on a personal level. His work as a sound therapist is a new way of connecting and offering relaxation and healing through sound. Ryan has been playing Tibetan bowls and gongs since 2012. Ryan is also a certified massage therapist since 2013. His avocation came from his own experience with chronic back pain. He now hopes to help people find relief and improve their quality of life.  For more info on his massage and meditation services visit his website @ mojavemassage.com

VINCENT ACCARDI has studied, practiced and shared Sound Medicine since 2015. He studied at Sage Academy of Sound Energy in Woodstock, NY. Vincent is a multi-instrumentalist who applies various techniques to produce sounds and melodies that surround the listener in a sound scape of restorative and conscious-expanding vibration.